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Other CliftonStrengths Sites
StrengthsQuest -
Strengths Explorer -
Gallup Exchange -

YouTube – Our YouTube page might now have the largest collection of free Strengths related videos on the Internet.  If you haven’t been out there yet, it’s worth a look!  Subscribe at

YouTube playlist of some of the most common Gallup Strengths Center Questions:

Facebook – we have several groups on Facebook.  They are all public and all moderated.  I know not everyone is on Facebook, but the conversation and tools can be helpful.  Here are the groups:
2 - Built around Gallup’s Webcasts
3 - For discussion around EP10

Regional or Specialized Groups

Many of them require approval to join.  Just ask and someone will let you in.

LinkedIn – we have a growing presence on LinkedIn. 
1.     The official Gallup site for coaches is
2.     The official StrengthsQuest group is - One of the most under used resources for coaches is  We have the option to subscribe to alerts that would inform you of whenever we post on a certain topic. Options range from individual themes, to Strengths to Leadership and many more.  Look for the sign in button on the top right and create an account if you don’t have one.  Once logged in, choose Account – Manage Subscriptions.  Powerful resource.

Subscribe for Automatic Updates to the Coaches Blog: You can get automatic updates to the blog whenever we post to it at  If you would also like to be a guest blogger, we are taking submissions.  Email us at and put Guest Blogger in the Subject

StrengthsFinder Meetups – We now have a dedicated landing page for all Global meetups. 
1.       Visit to see if there is a meetup going on in a city near you. 
2.       Want to start one?  has some tips on getting things started.

Mobile Apps – don’t miss our mobile apps for both Android and iPhone. Search StrengthsFinder in either App Store

Webcasts – Recapture that time spend in the car, on a train or in a plane.  Listen to the Gallup Webcasts on your phone and get automatic updates.

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