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The guest for this episode of Called to Coach is Nicole Seichter. 
Born in Germany, MD in Economics, after almost 10 years in corp. business she became a coach in 2008. Nicole was just disappointed with how people interacted with each other. She wanted them to understand how beautiful they are and how to become more their true self. Nicole wanted to help people understand their uniqueness. She didn’t know how – but she just wanted this world to be a different place. 
After several coaching certifications and working as a coach, Nicole was still looking for the language to explain the human uniqueness. How can a human being find the place they belong to and feel happy? In 2013 she moved to Michigan.
She started her business in the States with my Seichter Coaching & Consulting LLC. And was still looking for the glue to my mosaic – the beauty of the human beings. She was certified as a Gallup Strengths Coach in May 2015.
Nicole's Top 5 Strengths are Empathy/Connectness/Maximizer/Learner/Positivity 
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Called to Coach is a Gallup Strengths Center live webcast (via YouTube) that allows current and prospective coaches to interact with strengths coaches who have found success in strengths-based development.

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