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2017 Season 5

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Called to Coach is a webcast resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

S5E1 1/25 Student Coaching at the Clifton Strengths Institute: UNL - Mark Pogue
S5E2 2/7 Coaching for Adult Learners at Azusa Pacific - Christin Robinson
S5E3 2/17 Why Career Coaching Helps College Students - Satyendra Kumar
S5E4 3/3 Best Ways to Spark Curiosity in Team Sessions - Derrick Jack
S5E5 2/24 Hope in the Classroom With Gallup Student Poll - Linda Lenord
S5E6 3/10 4 Keys to Authentic Recognition - Paul Allen
S5E7 3/17 Customer-Centricity thru Employee Engagement - Shantanu Sen Sharma
S5E8 3/24 Preventing Stress and Burnout Through CliftonStrengths - Nicole Seichter
S5E9 3/29 7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Coaching - Dean Jones
S5E10 4/7 Compare and Contrast: Coaching With Multiple Assessments - Kelley Wacher
S5E11 3/31 8 Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness as a Coach - Dean Jones
S5E12 4/14 How to Build an Engaging Culture in a Banking Company - Alma Hughes
S5E13 4/26 Creating an Innovative School Culture With CliftonStrengths - Darren Cox
S5E14 4/26 Organizational Coaching at Accenture - Caroline Dey and Matthew Wexler
S5E15 5/12 Preparing to Coach - Dean Jones
S5E16 5/19 Coaching Millennials - Bryant Ramirez
S5E17 5/26 Accenture's Employee Development with CliftonStrengths - Dhanya Rajeswaran
S5E18 6/14 To Be the Best, Surround Yourself With the Best - Shari Theer
S5E19 6/9 Great Questions to Help Clients “Aim” Their Strengths - Ella Washington
S5E20 6/16 How to Apply Your Strengths in Daily Decision Making - Victor Seet
S5E21 6/23 Why Use CliftonStrengths in Higher Education? - Tom Matson
S5E22 6/30 How Strengths Shape How We See the World - Dean Jones
S5E23 7/14 Coaching at Compassion International - Jack Wilson
S5E24 8/18 Live From the 2017 CliftonStrengths Summit
S5E25 8/25 Strengths-Based Mentoring in Schools with TeamMates - Allyson Horne
S5E26 9/8 Executive Coaching - Glenn Williams
S5E27 9/19 Coaching Q&A With Dean Jones
S5E29 9/22 BP10 Quarterly Update - Todd Johnson
S5E30 10/18 Using CliftonStrengths for Positive Student Mentoring - Teammates
S5E31 10/24 Developing Behavioral Competency Programs With Strengths - Amit Gangal
S5E32 10/31 Coaching Updates With Dean Jones
S5E33 11/3 Award-Winning Employee Program Using Strengths - Fiona Glendinning
S5E34 11/10 Leadership Rhode Island Update - Mike Ritz and Kevin Cooper
S5E35 12/1 Using Strengths in Hennepin County, Minnesota - Steve Sweere
S5E36 12/8 More Than a Learning Intervention, A Movement - Abhishek Joshi
S5E37 12/15 What About Weaknesses? With Dean Jones

More to come...

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