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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Preview of the 3rd Annual CliftonStrengths Summit -- Gallup Called to Coach: Andrew Bridger and Abbie Goranson -- S6E8

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Gallup's Andrew Bridger and Abbie Goranson.

The 3rd Annual CliftonStrength Summit is Monday, July 16 through Wednesday, July 18 here in Omaha, Nebraska! The current price is $795. There is a discount for Certified Coaches & Educators – haven’t received, email

All Travel Information can be found at under the Travel Information tab including information about the negotiated rates at 11 different hotels in close proximity to all event locations. 

Transportation Information is listed under the list of preferred hotels. All of our hotels except the EVEN, Hampton Inn Airport, and Holiday Inn Airport will have complimentary shuttles running to and from our venues. We will also have busses running back and forth to the airport and the CenturyLink Convention Center at the close of the Summit on Wednesday. Don’t forget that Omaha has Uber & Lyft and is a very walkable city!

The agenda is available on our website: Monday starts at Gallup and Tuesday & Wednesday are down the street at the CenturyLink Convention Center. Make sure to check-out the Courses & Workshop offerings at a discounted rate before and after the Summit. Continuing Education Credits also available to all attendees.

Are you in Higher Education? Attend the Higher Education Strengths Strategy Day on Monday before the Summit begins! This add-on is $100 through May 31 and $125 starting June 1. Learn from education leaders including the Lead Writer of CliftonStrengths for Students, the Executive Director of the CliftonStrengths Institute and influencers from best practice Universities to help you leave with tangible action steps for creating your strategy.

Many new sessions this year! First, Maximize Your Summit Experience session on Monday during the opening reception! Learn all of the ins and outs of the Summit and how you can get the most out of your time here in Omaha. We are also adding Sweatworking sessions at 6:00 AM (Tuesday – Riverfront Run, Wednesday – Yoga) at Gallup. This is a great way to start your day! Experience Omaha: at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium on Tuesday evening 6-8. Network while exploring the world’s top ranked zoo. Finally, we are offering complimentary post sessions to extend your Summit experience starting at 2:30 PM on Wednesday! 

There are nine breakout choices to choose from for each of your six breakout sessions, all one hour in length. We have added levels (Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced) to each session description to help you determine which session best fits your needs. These sessions do fill so make sure to register in advance to solidify your spot. The deadline to register or make changes to your breakout sessions is Friday, July 6.

Make sure to check out the Resources tab on for FAQs about the event and resources that you can use to help you to get to Omaha for the Summit! 

Join us at the 2018 CliftonStrengths Summit to learn more about improving your workplace through strengths. Register today to save your seat! 

Visit Gallup Strengths Center to browse our myriad of products and learning opportunities for strengths-based development.

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Andrew Bridger is the Communications Manager at Gallup.

Andrew's top 5 strengths are: Competition | Activator | Strategic | Achiever | Futuristic. 

Abbie Goranson is the Events Manager at Gallup.

Abbie's top 5 strengths are: Achiever | Responsibility | Positivity| Individualization | Discipline. 

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