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Friday, November 3, 2017

Award-Winning Employee Program Using Strengths -- Gallup Called to Coach: Fiona Glendinning -- S5E33

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with guest Fiona Glendinning.

Fiona Glendinning is the Chief Experience Officer at MinterEllison, an international law firm headquartered in Australia. Fiona designed and implemented an employee program called Empower within MinterEllison that uses strengths to help employees deliver a better client experience and to generate organizational cultural change. 

Empower Program video
  • Empower Briefing Session
  • Partner Development
  • Partner Session
  • Team Strengths Session
  • Team Session
  • Team Launch and Empower in Practice
  • Results and the Journey Continue
How do you know what the baseline is to kick off a program like this?
  • Fiona - We did a lot of really robust client listening.
    • Hired outside consultant
    • Develop that talent internally to be able to continue the feedback system.
  • We also did a lot of internal listening
Defining the best internally
  • It is not a one size fits all.
  • Empower creates a framework to have a discussion at an individual level around skills, goals, and therefore define what the “best” looks like.
  • Encourage employees to go out to engage with clients so that they aren’t making assumptions about the needs of the clients.
  • Employees can say “I know I have strengths in these areas, so how can I use them with my clients?”
What are the disruptions that came out of Empower
  • A lot around efficiencies
  • A lot around collaboration
  • A lot around personal development
    • We’ve been really excited to see how we look at doing work differently. 
    • What insights have you gained about yourself? 
    • We want to make sure this is a real-time change exercise
Three areas of innovation
  • Innovation in Mindset
  • Innovation in Behavior
  • Innovation in Activity
  • Internally - Diversity among the team brings value to the team
  • To our clients - We’re presenting our services through diversity so that it’s not a one solution to a problem, but lots of different approach.
  • Resilience and Confidence
    • Change is hard
    • Strengths gives confidence
Empower Program Sprints (3 months / 90 minute sessions) w/ refreshers
  • Empower Briefing Session
    • Functional teams
    • Teams select where they have the most impact
  • Partner Development
    • LSI - strictly developmental tool
    • Strengths gives the platform to build out the “blue” of LSI
  • Partner Session
    • We want focused disruption
    • capability/growth/innovation
  • Team Strengths Session
    • Team Strengths Map
    • How do we use Strengths more actively across the team?
  • Team Session
  • Team Launch and Empower in Practice
  • Results and the Journey Continue
Innovation Awards
  • Financial Times 
What do you think is the real key to translating great ideas into results?
  • Can’t be divorced from what is being done in the business day-to-day.
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Luke Ramsay, contributed to this post. 

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Fiona Glendinning 
is the Chief Experience Officer at MinterEllison, an international law firm headquartered in Australia. MinterEllison is regarded as one of Asia/Pacific's premier law firms. Prior to joining MenterEllison, Fiona held many global leadership roles for companies such as PwC, Westpac Banking Corporation and Sun Microsystems.

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