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Friday, May 12, 2017

Preparing to Coach -- Gallup Called to Coach: Dean Jones -- S5E15

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Gallup's Talent Development Architect, Dean Jones.

Price change - increasing the price of Top 5 on May 12, protect pricing for certified coaches
Codes are benefit of certification
Why - haven’t changed prices in 2 year, making future investments
Special price for certified coaches on digital kits
Thinking about the future, and how we continually support coaches
One angle: best place in the world to understand talent and strengths, world-class coaching

Facebook posts - combo of strengths, how to approach, insights to share, helping people accept talent themes
Jim Collison

Be prepared 
Ask great questions
Reserve judgment
Let the conversation unfold

How to prepare:
Read definitions
Unpack definitions - make lists
Read insight cards
Lay out cards in front of you
Preparing to listen - not speak
Preparing for recognition - seeing talents arise in that person

Listen and Ask Great Questions:
Your job is not to be a psychic - not about parlor tricks
You want people left with how great they are, not how insightful you are
Think about questions you will ask - write them down
Ask open-ended questions 
Be present
Establish the relationship, and know what the person wants to accomplish in the call
Find out where they are
Your job is to meet them where they are
Trust and relatedness are the foundation for the work you will do together. 
Doesn't take time - can happen in an instant. 

Think about clues to talent:
Listen for where you hear the expression of their talent
What comes naturally and intuitively? 
What is deeply satisfying? 
What are they drawn to - like a yearning - again and again?  
Where are the glimpses of excellence?
Where does fast learning happen?  In other words, they just get it. 

Those are the things to poke at. Help them become aware. Help them appreciate their own talent. 

Remember that we mostly take for granted what we are good at. 
And value what we are not good at. 
We assume that everyone can do what we do. 
And that everyone sees the world in the same way. 

Reserve Judgment:
Really listen - and avoid directing the conversation in a way that "makes sense" to you. Or fits your picture of them. 
If you assert something, make sure it really fits for them. 
Don't leave them stuck with anything. 

Let the Conversation Unfold:
It's all a process of self-awareness. The person you are coaching always needs to be at choice. They are choosing to participate - and moving at a pace that is comfortable for them. 

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    Dean Jones is the principal architect of Gallup's global client learning strategy. Dean consults with clients on strategic solutions to address key business issues, including organizational development, performance management, learning and development, productivity and workforce effectiveness. He oversees the direction of Gallup's client learning offerings, the development of the organization's learning consultants, and the growth of Gallup's learning business worldwide, including its public course offerings and learning products.

    Dean Jones's top five strengths are Activator, Focus, Woo, Strategic and Relator.

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