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Friday, May 19, 2017

Coaching Millennials - Called to Coach: Bryant Ramirez - S5E18

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Bryant Ramirez.

Intro from host Saurav Atri

Bryant’s Top 5 = Ideation, Woo, Communication, Strategic, Activator
He has coached in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa
Gallup-Certified coach currently based in the Philippines
Founded, a coaching practice focused on millennials
He is also a millennial himself


  • Coaching has been an integral part of my own development
  • I always asked my own coached - How can I bring my true self to the workplace?
  • StrengthsFinder has help me do this
  • I see all of my Top 5 working together especially when I travel
  • My secret sauce is Communication
  • As a coach I can now help individuals the way I’ve been helping businesses
  • SF gave me a new language and I want to bring it to millennials
  • Have you heard of Quarter-life crisis – it’s a challenge that millennials are facing, what do they want to do with their life after school?
  • We are in an age where information is much easier to get, you can get answers immediately, but are these answers solutions?
  • I faced my QLC recently; what is the next step for me - continue as a consultant or get a new job or start my own company or go to grad school? I went to grad school
  • My business school experience gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself
  • My call to action is to convert what I’ve learned in the consulting world into coaching
  • I am a millennial and identify closely with them; I want to dig into the science about millennials
  • Gallup’s report on millennials gave me a lot of insight
  • 87% rate that professional development/career growth opportunities as important to their job
  • There is the image that they “hop around” - this isn’t really from lack of commitment but from wanting to learn more
  • 55% are not engaged at work
  • I want to coach not just millennials but people who work with millennials so they can understand each other better
  • Reframe the way millennials look at work; they want a coach to guide them; but they want to do their own thing; they want to be held accountable more frequently and focus on strengths rather than improvement areas/weaknesses
  • How can strengths-based development be geared and framed for millennials?
  • I do it in 3 ways: use trends from Gallup; strengths innovation; and our own strengths as coaches and how to integrate them.

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Bryant Ramirez, Your Quest Coach, is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach based in New York City. He founded, a coaching practice focused on helping millennial build life direction. Strengths-based development is a core pillar of his coaching methods. Bryant has a decade of experience in the business world and has worked as a management consultant for a global ‘Big 4' firm. His coaching style mirrors his approach to business: assertive, solutions-oriented, and driven by action. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Bryant’s signature themes of Ideation, Woo, Communication, Strategic, and Activator have guided both his approach business strategy and a life-direction coaching. By evangelizing StrengthsFinder to Millennials, Bryant aims to bring greater self-awareness about their innate talents and enable the next generation of our society’s decision makers to maximize their full potential.

Bryant’s top five CliftonStrengths are: Ideation | Woo | Communication | Strategic | Activator

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Cheryl S. Pace, contributed to this post.

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