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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Student Coaching at the Clifton Strengths Institute: University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Gallup Called to Coach: Mark Pogue - S5E1

Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths.
We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches
maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

In this Called to Coach, Mark Pogue discusses what’s going on at the Clifton Strengths Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. Currently, they are working on a model that trains upper classman to coach incoming freshman business-college students around their CliftonStrengths. They recruited 80 students from all over campus, from all different departments to be student coaches. They went around campus and talked to classes in person to ask them to apply to be a coach. Mark presented the opportunity as good preparation for management careers.

They asked the student coaches to participate in a 6-hour training on a Friday afternoon. Their responsibility as a student coach included completing 2 one-on-one strengths coaching sessions with about 10 students as well as completing a group activity with the 10 students. They asked the coaches to go through activities with the students that would help them understand what they can do in college to help them engage in their career after graduation and help them have lifelong well-being. The groups were required to go out and do Gallup survey work themselves. They had to ask someone who’s graduated from college the six Gallup-Purdue Index questions and present on their findings.

The feedback they’ve received from students was very good. 92% of students thought their time spent with their coach was a positive experience and good use of their time. They thought having two one-on-one feedback sessions around their strengths really shows the school cares about you.

Mark also helped start the Clifton Builder Program on UNL's campus. The Clifton Builder Program helps identify high potential entrepreneurs and gives them the tools to help them start a business, a non-profit or to be innovative inside an organization. They asked students to apply for the program and they would receive a certificate upon completion. The program consists of a set of courses that provide the tools to start a business pretty quickly. 

Mark is available to other universities for consulting around both the strengths coaching program and the Clifton Builder Program. You can shoot him an email at

To hear more about coaching strengths for organizations, individuals and coaches, please watch the full video or listen to the audio above.

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Mark Pogue is the Executive Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. In this role, he creates strengths-based programs at the university to empower students, staff and faculty to lead successful, self-directed lives with the knowledge of their talents and how to apply them. Prior to coming to UNL, he was the senior director of strengths development in the education division of Gallup Inc. In his 15 years with Gallup, Pogue was a consultant and speaker to higher education institutions, K-12 school districts and Fortune 500 companies on building strengths-based organizations. He has shared his message of moving from strengths to thousands of educators and students at more than 250 campuses and national conferences. Pogue also led the design and implementation of StrengthsQuest, a campus-based human development and engagement program, created to help students apply their strengths in academics and career. Under his direction the program grew to more than three million participants in a wide range of settings on over 600 campuses.

Pogue earned his master’s degree in leadership from UNL and his bachelor’s degree in management science from Oklahoma State University.

Pogue’s Top Five Strengths are: Self-Assurance, Activator, Ideation, Intellection and Command

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