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Thursday, December 1, 2016

[Recap] EP10 Becomes the "Builder Profile 10" -- Gallup Called to Coach: Todd Johnson -- S4E32

On a recent
EP10 Quarterly Update, we spoke with Gallup Global Channel Leader, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation, Todd Johnson.  

The EP10 will be renamed and rebranded to the Builder Profile 10 (BP10) in mid-December this year. Gallup decided to issue a name change largely due to how society views the concept of entrepreneurship. A lot of people now associate the word entrepreneur with someone creating a start-up on the coast in the technology field. While Gallup cherishes and celebrates that type of entrepreneurship, starting a company is only one manifestation of what EP10 is about. The talents in EP10 are really about building, whether building new companies or new services and products within existing companies. Gallup heard from enterprise clients who need innovators and intrepreneurs, they need all types of people with the talent to build. The word builder includes a broader range of people with these talents. Gallup plans to create a new brand and image around the word builders.

Currently, there is not a certification for coaching EP10 talents. There is a course on the EP10 under the CliftonStrengths umbrella, but Gallup is many years away from creating a full course and certification just for EP10. It was 15 years after StrengthsFinder came out before Gallup started the first coaching course. There will be a 2-day BP10 course offered before and after the
CliftonStrengths Summit next summer in July though.

Gallup-certified strengths coaches can get their own and others’ EP10 intensity reports by emailing

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