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Monday, December 12, 2016

[Recap] Embedding Engagement, High-Performance and a Strengths-Based Culture Into Your Organization -- Gallup Called to Coach: Stephanie Carman -- S4E34

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Stephanie Carman.
Stephanie Carman, Head of People and Performance at Karrikins Group, was a part of the very first group that went through Gallup’s strengths coaching course in Australia in 2014. Stephanie has embedded strengths and engagement as a performance strategy in her company during a large time of growth. The mission of Karrikins Group is to create positive change within the community. They are a consulting firm, predominately around social responsibility. They teach kids about social issues and how to address social changes in their communities. CliftonStrengths and Gallup’s engagement tools have become a common language at their company and pivotal to their culture.

When Stephanie’s organization started using Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement tool, they did not have a great score on question number 8 (regarding the connection of employees to the mission of the organization). They realized they had a strong purpose and strong partnerships with clients, but they never focused on the mission internally. They had to work on building that up so they were the same internally as they presented themselves to be to external partners.

Strengths started with the leaders at Stephanie’s company and then rolled out to the rest of the organization. Now, employees get an access code with their personnel paperwork and take the assessment before they start work, and strengths are also included in their induction training. All managers get one-one-coaching sessions and some have also been through Gallup’s High-Performance Manager course. The company also used strengths to be ready for growth they saw coming and to help them through the growth. They promote from within, so they started training people to be managers to set them up for success when the time came.

Tools that Stephanie likes to use in one-on-one coaching sessions is the paired up book (Expanding Your Strengths). She enjoys putting together the combinations and seeing how they resonate with people. Other tools she uses are the balconies and basements and the mature and raw form of strengths. For team coaching her favorite is Love, Crazy, Envy, to show where people are in that moment and help them understand each other’s strengths.

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As expected of the Head of People and Performance at Karrikins Group, Stephanie has a broad professional background and has enjoyed a career that ranges from operational to sales team management with a real emphasis of driving performance, mentoring and training managers to create highly engaged teams, who in turn create great business results. Under Stephanie’s leadership of the People and Performance function, Karrikins Group was recognised as an Employer of Choice for the 2016 Australian Business Awards.
Stephanie holds an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management focused on Organisational Behaviour and Psychology. She was awarded the 2015 Dave Ulrich HR Practitioner of the Year Award from the Australian Human Resources Institute and in 2016 was a Gold Winner in the Stevie Awards© Human Resources Executive of the Year category.

Stephanie's top five strengths are: Arranger, Relator, Individualization, Responsibility and Maximizer

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