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Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016: A Year in Review

With 2017 fastly approaching, we wanted to give everyone the chance to look back on the tremendous successes we have had in 2016. We can welcome in the new year knowing that our authors have given us some ground-breaking insights into strengths, coaching and hope to inspire us throughout the year. 

We want to take a moment to thank not only our readers, you are who make our journey a success, but also to our writers, coaches and to everyone that has helped make this year such a brimming triumph. 

Gallup has some amazing things in store for 2017. Be sure to checkout the blog for a schedule of our webcast events. The new season of Theme Thursday is kicking back off in January, and we have some incredible guests lined up for this season's Called to Coach. Also be sure to check out the information regarding our second annual CliftonStrengths Summit in July. 

2016 was a year of tremendous change, and as such the first story we are going to look back on is Major Life Changes and Strengths written by Rosanne M. Liesveld. Rosanne shares with us a heartfelt story on how her strengths adapted with a loss, growing with her as she went through a major change in her life. She talks with us about how, although strengths can be stripped raw again with these major upheavals in our lives, they never truly change. There is wonderful advice on not only how you can process these changes, but on how you can help coach individuals going through these life adjustments.

Our second story comes from Becky McCarville who gave us our first glimpse of the future of strengths and coaching with her wonderful article Meet Your Strengths Coach.  CliftonStrengths has helped millions of people discover their talents. However, it isn't just enough to know your Top 5 or Full 34 themes in a list. Paul Allen, Gallup's Strength Evangelist, announced at the CliftonStrengths inaugural summit a new platform. Everybody needs a coach, and Gallup Exchange is helping to connect those coaches and individuals so that everyone can soar with their strengths. 

Our final story comes to us from Brian Brim Ed.D who delivers a powerful message with Building Hope through Strengths. In welcoming in the new year, we must also be willing and able to welcome in the change that comes with it. This fascinating article talks of delivering a message of hope to the ever changing workplace. It speaks on infusing that sense of hope through the message of strengths in the work environment to create success. This message of Strengths Based Leadership will be explored even further with the upcoming season of Theme Thursday. 

We hope you welcome in 2017 with a sense of hope, contentment and peace. Live with your strengths and help coach others to soar in this world. We wish you well to reach your goals and plenty of rest for what's left of this joyous holiday season. Be ready to kick off 2017 with a bang! 

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