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Friday, August 12, 2016

Strategic Insights for Selling Strengths to Companies -- Gallup Called to Coach: Jamie Librot -- S4E19

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Jamie Librot, Gallup Senior Learning Solutions Consultant.

Whether an internal coach or an external coach, there’s a process to winning over the right people inside organizations to get them on board with strengths. In this Called to Coach, Jamie Librot, Gallup Senior Learning Solutions Consultant, discusses some of the biggest examples and takeaways from the CliftonStrengths Summit about coaches selling strengths to companies. 

In order to get leadership to buy into strengths it takes courage to point out the problem and ask for the funds to solve it. It’s a process that usually starts with presenting a business case, as well as figuring out how much money it will take to implement and how much ROI companies can expect. But a presentation to a large group should not be your only platform, and probably won’t even be your best. Connecting with leaders one on one, learning the issues they are already focused on for the year, then connecting strengths to that issue is one of the most efficient ways to get people on board.

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Jamie Librot is responsible for helping to grow Gallup’s strengths-based learning and development programs and is a liaison to coaches who complete certification courses through the Gallup Strengths Center. She is a contributor to the Strengths Coaches’ Playbook, a Gallup blog and resource for people who are dedicated to teaching and learning about strengths ( Jamie also provides executive strengths coaching and consulting to Gallup clients.

Jamie’s top five strengths: Achiever | Woo | Focus | Arranger | Competition

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