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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Individualization - Appreciating the Uniqueness of Others - Gallup Theme Thursday Season 1

People with strong Individualization talents notice and appreciate the unique characteristics of each person and can customize their approach accordingly. Like a casting director, they use their intelligence about people to position them to do what they do best. This creates a type of team synergy that leads to a more enjoyable experience and increased effectiveness. Individualization falls into the Relationship Building domain, giving those who possess the strength a clear perception of human uniqueness. That perception allows people to treat and approach others in a relevant way, making it easier to make connections. People with strong Individualization talents have a great sense of and appreciation for diversity by getting to know others on an individual level. The Individualization theme creates an awareness of unique qualities in not only oneself, but in others as well.

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To hear more about Individualization, watch the short theme video below.

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