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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

EP10 and Strengths in the Booming Tech World -- Gallup Called to Coach: Erin Stadler -- S4E3

On a recent Called to Coach: EP10 with Erin Stadler, one of the first Gallup EP10 Trained Coaches, and also a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

As the coordinator for a tech company accelerator, Erin has incorporated the EP10 assessment and results into her third week with start-up tech companies. EP10 helps Erin understand her individual clients, but more importantly, it helps her understand the team of entrepreneurs and their dynamics. Erin also said, "By that time, the clients can be stressed so their theme dynamics begin to pop up organically." When those theme dynamics occur, Erin said it was helpful to have a language and framework to understand them. Moreover, EP10 helps entrepreneurs understand their business partners' strengths -- and where they might best contribute to the new company.

Erin has encountered clients who don't, initially, agree with the results of their EP10 assessment. Most of these clients are older and have started a few businesses. Erin explained, "They see themselves as a certain type of entrepreneur." For instance, two co-founders of a successful business were in an EP10 feedback session with Erin. They were upset because the EP10 relationship themes were low on their EP10 reports. They explained defensively, "We met at a networking event!" Erin explained to them that meeting at a networking event demonstrated that they were trying to shore up an entrepreneurial theme that wasn't an innate talent. Once these co-founders understood that they could still be successful entrepreneurs and not have relationship themes at the top of their EP10 reports, they began to infuse EP10 into their partnership.

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Erin Stadler has been working on organizational development for over 10 years, working with established Product companies and startups, to adopt "just enough" formal approaches to support high paced growth and change. She believes strongly in addressing the combination of product discovery (figuring out what to build), process (how to set up processes to build high quality products quickly), and people (how to create a great culture) to reach organizational level agility.

Most recently, she returned to the startup world with a goal to share her experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs as the Program Director for the Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado with in excess of 8,000 hours in the coaching and development of others. With international experience, she has worked throughout Europe, the U.S.A. and New Zealand.
Erin's top five strengths are Adaptability, Relator, Strategic, Responsibility and Arranger.

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Jordan said...

A lovely video! Thanks so much for this recap. It's so good to see people using their strengths to be so successful in so many industries.

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