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Monday, March 28, 2016

Communication -- A Passionate Relationship with Words -- Theme Thursday Season 2

On this Theme Thursday Season Two webcast, Jim Collison, Gallup's Director of Talent Sourcing, and Maika Leibbrandt, Gallup Advanced Learning and Development Consultant discussed the theme of Communication.

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Maika explained, "Communication is a theme and way of being, it is not a 'thing you do.'" Communication is rich in verbal currency. People highly talented in the Communication theme are good with words. They have a natural ability to process thought out loud. They are great at communicating with others either through speaking or writing. As Communication is an influencing theme, it works best when others are involved. Communication can easily translate thoughts into words. People with high Communication are good conversationalists and presenters.

Raw Communication is chatty, while mature Communication is energetic. The chatty, raw Communication is saying everything you possibly can, whereas the mature version is in control and recognizes what is said will pass energy to others. Raw Communication is verbose and has no ability to filter thought. Mature Communication is pithy -- it has the ability to choose words well. Raw Communication is long-winded, while Mature Communication is far reaching an powerful.

To hear more about Communication, watch the full video or listen to the audio above. To learn more about Communication, watch the video below.

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1 comment :

Jordan said...

Some excellent points made in this video. Communication is how we connect with the world - it is essential to do it with passion. Thanks for sharing this!

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