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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Futuristic -- Envision Clearly and Describe Inspirationally -- Theme Thursday Season 1

On a recent Theme Thursday live webcast, we discussed the Futuristic theme with Rosanne Liesveld, Gallup Senior Learning and Development Consultant. Rosanne's top five strengths are Futuristic, Activator, Significance, Relator and Command.

People talented in the Furturistic have the innate ability to envision clearly and inspirationally describe a better tomorrow. Futuristic is a strategic thinking theme and while it is "in someone's head," it is also the ability to inspire others with a vision of the future. Futuristic is the telescope that looks forward and says, "What do you see? What is possible?" Adjectives used to describe the Futuristic strength are creative, inspiring, vivid, expressive, perceptive, future-oriented and visionary.  A person with Futuristic is a forecaster -- they can anticipate what is next They are dreamers and imaginers -- and they can also articulate their dreams. They are not content with the status quo.

Rosanne has been with Gallup for almost 30 years. She began by specializing in Gallup Education and helped write Teach with Your Strengths. Now, she spends most of her time coaching and consulting on strengths. For Rosanne, Futuristic has a practical component. It helps Rosanne think of what is coming next. Rosanne explained that it forces her to ask the questions, "What is next? What will that be like in reality?" 

The second part of Futuristic for Rosanne is that she often has pictures in her head of something that can be. These pictures relate to the way that vision will feel to her and those around her when implemented. Rosanne often asks those she coaches to use their five senses when describing their strengths in action. For Rosanne, she experiences all five senses when using her Futuristic theme.

To hear more about Futuristic and how Rosanne uses it in her everyday life, watch the full video or listen to the audio above. To learn more about Futuristic, watch the video below.

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bianca capo said...

Great job. It's incredible. Roxanne and I have 4 of our top 5 the same in almost the same order. I'm Act#1, Fut#2, Sig#3, Idea #4,Com#5....Rel#10.. I would love to hang our with her. It would be cool to see the similarities and her top 10 strengths.. All the best to her.!

Joseph Palumbo said...

Ciao Bianca
I have SIG, Comp, Act, Woo & Fut as my top 5. No surprise that we are both first to comment, lol. I think we also make great coaches, compelling our clients to set a vision and going for it.

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