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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Strengths at Accenture in India -- Gallup Called to Coach: Deepika Bhattacharya

On a recent Called to Coach: India Edition, we spoke with Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Accenture Vice-President of Capability Development, Deepika Bhattacharya.

Long before encountering the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, Deepika was a "true believer in strengths." Deepika explained that Gallup put "the science behind my beliefs." In her long and distinguished career, Deepika felt the years she was most successful were the years she used her strengths to be productive and innovative. During the years Deepika tried to improve her weaknesses, she felt her career stagnate.

After becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Deepika conducted her first strengths coaching session with her son. It was eye opening for her. Deepika always encouraged her son to interact and spent time with large groups of people -- but he was reluctant to do so. Once she learned his strengths, including Deliberative and Relator, she understood her son wanted to spend time with a smaller, core group of friends and family. For Deepika and her son, learning his strengths was a mutual "ah ha" moment. 

Deepika infused strengths into her work at Accenture. Strengths form the basis of all development conversations with her team. Understanding her team member's strengths helps Deepika approach and relate to them in the way that works best for them. Deepika explained that strengths create career plans and trajectories for all of her team members. Strengths also help Deepika understand how to drive her team toward organizational goals.

To hear more about Deepika and her coaching experiences, please watch the video or listen to the audio above.
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Deepika is a learning and development professional with over 25 years of experience. Currently, she leads the learning and transitions function for Accenture. Deepika manages learning solutions for over 140,000 employees. Accenture is a leading professional and consulting company.
Deepika's top five strengths are:  Responsibility, Arranger, Maximizer, Woo and Includer.

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