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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Strengths Spotlight -- Expanding Your Strengths Book Launch

On a recent Strengths Spotlight, we spoke with two Gallup associates about Gallup's latest publication, Expanding Your Strengths. 

Written by former Gallup Learning and Development Senior Consultant Curt Liesveld, Expanding Your Strengths explores theme dynamics. While each talent theme expresses itself alone in predictable ways, when combined, themes influence each other in myriad ways. The more you know about your themes in relation to each other, the more you will understand them and use them in your day-to-day life.

Gallup Senior Learning and Development Consultant Heather Wright explained that Curt loved to talk about strengths as elements on the periodic table. Each strength has its own inherent and unique qualities, but amazing things happen when you observe strengths in combination with each other. Like oxygen and hydrogen, both elements are interesting on their own. But in combination as water, these elements allow life to flourish around the world and become a source of endless study.

That is why in Expanding Your Strengths, Curt explores themes in combination to study how they work together. In the book, Curt explains his fascination with these combinations of strengths, saying, "Compatibility is crucial in both personal and professional success. It is the core of great partnerships, great teams, great marriages and great families. As a result, the people we coach are often interested in finding a magic formula for compatibility."

In studying theme dynamics, Gallup coaches understand that all 34 themes are compatible with each other, but some themes are more likely to pair together than others. For example, Heather recently coached two Gallup call center managers on their strengths. One manager, Laura, had Positivity and Achiever in her top 5; while John, her colleague, had Analytical as his number one strength. Laura loves to be the cheerleader of the call center -- she is always encouraging interviewers to focus on the end goal. John enjoys diving deeply into call center stats, often trying to determine who is the most successful interviewer of each survey or which interviewer is the most efficient and has the best quality. On their own, Laura and John are good managers because they know how to motivate people -- one with positivity and the other with hard data. But together, Laura and John are a management juggernaut. They can encourage any person to work harder, smarter and faster -- and stay engaged. In this way, studying theme dynamics through Expanding Your Strengths can have a dramatic impact on teams as well as individuals.

When you purchase Expanding Your Strengths you also receive access to an interactive Web app that allows you to explore theme dynamics. Use it to examine your own theme pairings as well as those of others. Expanding Your Strengths is sold exclusively through Amazon and, at this time, is only available in the U.S..

To hear more about Expanding Your Strengths, watch the video above.
You can purchase Expanding Your Strengths immediately here. Visit Gallup Strengths Center to browse our myriad of products and learning opportunities for strengths-based development.

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Grace Thomas said...

This ebook is not available from Amazon Australia. Any ideas?

Jim Collison said...

It is currently only available in the United States via Amazon. Will be available early next year globally via the Gallup Store. Thanks for your understanding.

David said...

I can no longer find it on Amazon United States. Has it been removed?

Jim Collison said...

David, thanks for your comment. We are switching over vendors on Amazon at the moment and it is not there for a brief period. Should be back in the store very soon. Thanks for purchasing EYS when it comes back online.

Nanoe said...

Is this only available as an ebook (kindle)?

Jim Collison said...

Nanoe, yes. Free Kindle readers are available on all platforms. to purchase in your market.

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