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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Infusing Strengths into U.S. Education -- Gallup Called to Coach: Brandon Busteed -- S3E14

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Gallup's Executive Director of Education and Workforce Development, Brandon Busteed.

Brandon explained that fundamentally, Gallup is an education company -- it provides education and advice on engagement, strengths and well-being to business leaders and companies throughout the world. Brandon wants to bring that education to U.S. schools. His goal is to turn all universities and schools into strengths-based organizations. Brandon explained that students who know their strengths, receive one-on-one strengths coaching and participate in a curriculum infused with strengths are more engaged students with a better chance at having higher engagement in their future careers and having higher lifelong well-being.

To turn a school into a strengths-based organization, Brandon stated that we need to shape classroom experiences so students can say, "I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day." Currently only about 50% of all U.S. students strongly agree with that statement. To increase that number to 100%, it is essential that students learn and use their strengths, and that they feel someone at school cares about them. College graduates who strongly agreed that a professor or staff member cared about them as a person also strongly agreed that they have higher well-being than those graduates who strongly disagreed that someone at school cared about them. To make students feel cared, we must have teachers, coaches and mentors who are engaged with their students. For Brandon, the roles of teacher, coach and mentor are indistinguishable -- and sometimes the best teachers are all three.  

To hear more about Brandon and his coaching experiences and expertise, watch the video above.

Visit Gallup Strengths Center to browse our myriad of products and learning opportunities for strengths-based development.

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Brandon Busteed leads Gallup's education work. His career spans a wide range of important work in education as an educational entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and university trustee. Brandon's work integrates Gallup's research and science on talent selection, strengths, engagement, and well-being to improve student success, teacher effectiveness, and educational outcomes. His mission is to create a national movement to measure the educational outcomes that matter most, connect education to jobs and job creation, and promote a paradigm shift from knowledge mastery to emotional engagement in education.  
Brandon's top five strengths: Strategic | Achiever | Input | Activator | Self-Assurance.

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