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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coaching, Sabbaticals and the STOP Method -- Gallup Called to Coach: Richard Burton

On a recent Called to Coach: Australia Edition, we spoke with Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, Richard Burton.

Richard started his professional career in property investment and sales. But after being in the industry for almost ten years, he wasn't feeling fulfilled. He needed to really think about what he wanted out of his career and his life, so he took an eight month sabbatical to reflect on what to do. Richard had always been fascinated with helping others, so he started to meet friends and acquaintances over coffee to discuss what issues plagued them. It was then that he started informally coaching others.

Richard expanded his coaching practice and began accepting clients. Two years ago, he discovered the Clifton StrengthsFinder and incorporated it into his coaching repertoire. Richard explained that StrengthsFinder helped him become a better leader, coach and "talent spotter." Specifically, it helped him and others from getting mired in trying to fix weaknesses. Instead, he honed in on improving his strengths and using them every day.

Richard also believes that coaches need to help their clients curb their hectic schedules by taking mini-sabbaticals and using the acronym STOP. STOP means to Step back, Think, and Organize your thoughts before you Proceed. This method helps clients evaluate their careers -- do they enjoy their work, or are there activities outside of work that they "get lost in?" STOP helps Richard's clients focus on the latter activities and turn those into the basis of a career.
To hear more about Richard and his coaching experiences and expertise, watch the video above.

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Richard is a living, breathing example of living on purpose, through leveraging his own strengths. At the age of 37, despite holding a senior profile in the Australian property market, and with a young family to provide for, he made the huge decision to pause and transform his career. He took time off – long enough to identify his own strengths, passions, talents, core values and identity to find his InnerZone.  
Richard's top five strengths: Connectedness | Ideation | Empathy | Maximizer | Learner.

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