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Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to Write a Great Blog Post


The Gallup Strengths Coaching Blog is written for coaches, strengths enthusiasts, educators and business partners, with the purpose of generating new insights, unifying a community, and sharing Gallup’s point of view. It is a place for Gallup associates to share research, offer bold ideas, and announce new innovations and partnerships to help people and organizations and the world.  Guest bloggers, including certified Gallup Strengths Coaches are welcome to contribute in addition to Gallup experts. The best posts are usually short (fewer than 700 words), newsworthy and offer bold ideas from the clear voice of an individual.  Ideal contributions shed light on important pieces of at least one of these two categories: Clifton StrengthsFinder as a tool; Coaching as a practice. 

Please submit your ideas or content to for consideration. Please put "Guest Blogger" in the subject line.
  • Be bold and have a strong point of view. Take strong positions on issues that are important to your clients and share Gallup’s perspective. Don’t shy away from providing recommendations as long as they are grounded in Gallup’s data and research.

  • Share breakthroughs. The Gallup Strengths Coaching Blog is the perfect place to announce new ways of understanding Strengths, innovations, and research and findings. Be sure to explain how these breakthroughs make significant impact on the lives of users.

  • Add value to outside conversations. Some of the best posts are those that share Gallup’s point of view in response to current events and external research. Consider current events, business topics, or relevant challenges you come across in your own practice as a place to start.

  • Keep it clear and concise. Although there is no definitive word limit, we do recommend staying under 700 words. Get to your key message right away and then support it with details.

  • Consider non-traditional blog posts. Explore using alternative formats such as video, audio, interviews and panel discussions. Include pictures, graphs, and charts in your posts when appropriate.


IDEA SIGNOFF: Before you begin writing, the general idea and concept for your blog post should have already received sign off from Gallup Strengths Coaching Blog producers or other appropriate directors. This ensures your credibility and Gallup’s by helping topics fit into an overall publishing strategy.

DATA ANLAYSIS: Since the best blog posts will build off Gallup findings that have already been published, personal experience and your own coaching insights, you may not need additional data analysis. If you do need new data -- you should work with your assigned member of the communications team to ensure you have the correct data or know the right person to reach out to in order to get the data you need.   

FIRST DRAFT: Once your idea has been signed off, begin writing your blog post, keeping the guidelines on how to write a great Gallup Blog in mind (see section in this document). If you need help with the flow of your story or content related to Clifton StrengthsFinder, contact the producer who signed off on your idea at any point in the draft process.
If you provide data, sources, other documentation:
  • Include along with your draft all in one email.

  • Send all data (in Excel or SPSS) you used in your analysis. Cite all internal and external sources in your draft. Be specific. Provide direct links to online sources and any other information that will help us find your information quickly.
Other important details

  • Include your title you want posted along with your blog

  • Include a brief bio, including a headshot, to post along with your blog.  Just a few sentences are best—similar to what you would use as your Twitter biography.

  • Include suggestions for an image. These help drive traffic to your post, and you will have an image editor who will provide you with a few choices.

  • Don’t forget to write a catchy headline for your post!

FIRST DRAFT REVIEW: Once your draft is complete, submit it to your original producer for review of content and flow.  The purpose of this first review is to ensure the integrity and accuracy of any Clifton StrengthsFinder ideas you have included, and also to make minor suggestions about the mechanics of writing.  You will receive any edits back from your producer and have the opportunity to accept, reject, or change before final editing takes place.

FINAL EDIT REVIEW: After you approve initial edits, the communications team will review for analytical accuracy, framing, language and clarity.  At this point our editors also add an image and your biography.

FINAL BLOG POST: Your producer will notify you when your blog goes live.  Share it far and wide!

DISTRIBUTION: The communications team will promote your blog post through Gallup’s official social media channels.  Be sure to share your blog post with your team members, clients and networks.

1 comment :

Kelsey said...

What about using your strengths?
I'm incorporating Strengths in my writing tutors' training/professional development this year and I've been thinking a lot about the possible relationship between strengths and writing. I haven't come up with much so far, but I'd love to hear what others think.

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