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Friday, May 22, 2015

Hosting a Strengths Meetup in Your Community -- Gallup Called to Coach: Brandon Miller and Darren Virassammy -- S3E8

On a recent episode of Called to Coach, we hosted Brandon Miller and Darren Virassammy of the strengths consulting company 34 Strong, Inc.

Brandon and Darren each learned the power of the Clifton StrengthsFinder via different paths. Brandon discovered his strengths while working for a strengths-based organization, while Darren came to know his during a transition in his career. Although they discovered their strengths through different means, their paths intersected, leading them to found 34 Strong. 

One of the most effective ways for the strengths movement to gain traction in your community is to organize strengths Meetup groups. Brandon and Darren have been hosting many of these in the Sacramento, CA area, and these gatherings have been a great opportunity for them to talk to others about strengths in a conversational manner. They’ve hosted so many of these events that they’ve created a strengths Meetup ebook, so you can learn how to successfully host one in your community.

A challenge that Brandon and Darren occasionally come across is the organizational leaders who “don’t know what they don’t know.” Many assume that instituting a strengths-based culture requires only a one-off coaching session. So it’s important that these leaders become fully aware of the time and energy it takes — from both themselves and their employees — to begin implementing strengths within their organization.

To learn more about Brandon and Darren and how they use strengths to help people live happier, more productive lives, watch the full video above.

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Brandon Miller is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of 34 Strong, Inc. As an accomplished StrengthsFinder enthusiast, Miller first employed his StrengthsFinder expertise while in an executive professional position, leading hundreds of individuals and groups through the Clifton StrengthsFinder over the course of ten years. 

Brandon’s top five strengths: Maximizer | Achiever | Activator | Strategic | Arranger.

Darren Virassammy holds a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration on strategic management from the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management. He also holds bachelors’ degrees in economics and political science from U.C. Davis. He has extensive experience in project management, business strategy, operations and systems design and implementation.

Darren’s top five strengths: Achiever | Arranger | Relator | Learner | Responsibility.

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