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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gallup Called to Coach: Mike Kinney -- S3E4

On a recent episode of Called to Coach, we hosted Gallup Talent Management Consultant Mike Kinney. He interviews applicants, analyzes interview results and consults with managers in making selection decisions.

Until Mike came to Gallup 25 years ago, he always thought he knew what he wanted to do as a career -- stock broker, radio DJ or computer programmer. But when he interviewed at Gallup for an IT position, he was informed that his talents wouldn’t be a great fit for that role. This initially upset him, but when it was explained to Mike that he would quickly get bored sitting behind a screen all day with minimal interaction with others, he knew they were right (he has Woo in his top five themes). This was one of Mike’s first true interactions with an awareness of his talents.

Mike has conducted over 7,000 coaching sessions in his time at Gallup, but he says he still tends to get a bit nervous before a coaching call. However, he says his nerves are what make him better. He feels that if he stops getting nervous before a call, he’ll lose his edge, and his coaching sessions would no longer be as meaningful.

In most of his coaching sessions, Mike tries to get people to talk about their mission and purpose for others. This guides them to think about how they can use their talents to make a difference beyond their own personal and professional lives. He also says that by helping others think about a broader mission and purpose, it helps them experience the true impact of their natural talents.

To hear more about Mike and how he uses strengths to help people live happier, more productive lives, watch the full video above.

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Mike is a Talent Management Consultant at Gallup. He maintains ongoing relationships with hiring managers, providing support as they make hiring decisions based on sound principles and measures of talent. Currently he serves as a lead analyst, ensuring that quality and service standards are met, and building strong, client-focused teams of selection analysts for Gallup’s clients. His mission is to find the right fit for the company as well as the applicant.

Mike's top five strengths: Strategic | Relator | Woo | Arranger | Maximizer.

1 comment :

Colby Vogt said...

I've known Mike since his early days at Gallup, and can say for certain that he most certainly coaches from a powerful position - he genuinely cares about setting up people for success. I'm sure the 7,000 that have received his coaching will concur.

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