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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Great Manager: Tammie Brailsford

On a recent The Great Manager webcast, we spoke with Tammie Brailsford, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for MemorialCare Health System, which has received the Gallup Great Workplace Award in each of the past four years.

Tammie first discovered her strengths when she joined MemorialCare, and she says that about half of all employees at the organization have also discovered theirs. Those in leadership roles -- managers, nurses and physicians -- receive formal strengths training, which they call Leadership Academy, and it helps create a culture where the language of strengths becomes the norm.

Tammie says the greatest influence on her management style has always been her father. She reminisces about her time as a young girl when she would accompany her father to work on the weekends. She was always amazed by how he related to his employees by getting to know them individually on a personal level. This created an environment where the employees had so much respect for their boss that they would do almost anything to get the job done. 

Taking a page out of her father’s book, Tammie says one of her favorite things to do as a manager is getting to know people’s names and sending them personalized notes. She says that a simple personal touch really helps to create a trusting connection and leaves a lasting impression.

To hear Tammie talk more about the practices that make her a great manager, watch the full video above.

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Tammie is responsible for overseeing the clinical, quality, financial and operational performance of MemorialCare Health System’s six hospitals, the MemorialCare Medical Foundation, numerous ambulatory locations and all shared services. Brailsford holds a master’s degree in healthcare management from California State University Los Angeles, a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Pacific Union College and a diploma in nursing from Niagara College in Canada.

Tammie’s top five strengths: Achiever | Activator | Arranger | Belief | Maximizer.

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