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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Great Manager: Lynn Harris

On a recent The Great Manager webcast, we talked with Lynn Harris, Director of Rehab Services for Greenfield Area Medical Center in Greenfield, Ohio. Lynn was a nominee for Manager of the Year at the 2014 Gallup Great Workplace Awards.

Just out of high school, Lynn began her work at Greenfield Area Medical Center as a secretary. Within several years, she received her college degree in health education and quickly became the director of the health promotion program at the hospital. She attributes her success to her first boss, who appreciated her natural abilities and gave her the opportunity to thrive in a leadership role.

Lynn says that recognizing individual and team efforts is important for managers to do. There is value in letting others know that their work is appreciated and that they are doing a great job. Some people naturally go above and beyond their role, and a manager who recognizes the effort and expresses gratitude will instill invaluable confidence in his or her employees.

Understanding how your strengths as a manager work with those of your employees is key to understanding how to work best with them. Lynn says she is very outgoing and cheerful, which is evident from her Positivity and Woo talents. But she understands that just because someone doesn’t act like her, it doesn’t mean that person is sad or something is bothering him or her; that person might just be quiet or reserved. You must be fully aware of your team members’ talents and find a way to form a positive strengths partnership with them.

To hear Lynn talk more about the practices that make her a great manager, watch the full video above.

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Lynn oversees inpatient and outpatient therapy departments, Wound Care, and Social Services. She has led many health promotion programs over the years, such as “Smoking Is Yucky” for kindergarten children, aerobic dance classes for the community, smoking cessation and weight and stress management.

Lynn’s top five strengths: Arranger | Positivity | Maximizer | Woo | Responsibility.

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