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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Great Manager: Benjamin Erikson-Farr

On the last The Great Manager webcast, we talked to Benjamin Erikson-Farr, Gallup Performance Team Lead for Learning and Development professionals.

Along with managing Gallup’s Learning and Development team, Benjamin also manages the translations team, which is responsible for ensuring quality translations for polling, research, and courses throughout the world.

Benjamin says he can recall using managerial traits as early as elementary school -- when he played basketball with his friends, he remembers instinctively looking at his team and placing them where he felt they would be most productive. This is something he does every day now in his role with Gallup.

One of the traits of a great manager is the ability to distinguish the difference between “checking up” on and “checking in” with an employee. Managers who “check up” on employees are micro-managers who feel they need to constantly monitor individuals’ productivity. Those who “check in” with employees are looking for ways they can help individuals succeed. They view their relationship as more of a partnership than one of a superior and subordinate.

Benjamin knows that strengths play an important role in great partnerships. To keep his team focused on working together with their strengths, he tries to keep strengths top-of-mind. He’ll do small things like send emails to team members who are working together, reminding them of their strengths and how they can form a perfect partnership. There are many ways to keep strengths at the forefront of a team’s day-to-day philosophy, but great managers find the tactics that work best for their teams.

To hear Benjamin talk more about what he does to be a great manager, watch the full video above.

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As a manager, Benjamin applies Gallup’s management and strengths science to create an engaged and high-performing team of learning consultants who support Gallup clients to achieve their growth goals through consulting, analysis, and development. As a learning consultant, he has worked with clients in the financial services, healthcare, automotive, medical devices, and government sectors. 

Benjamin’s top five strengths: Analytical | Connectedness | Learner | Strategic | Achiever.

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