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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Great Manager: Katie Barton

On the last The Great Manager webcast, we talked to Katie Barton, Gallup’s Executive Director of Software Development.

Katie’s management experience began when she was 22 years old. Early in her career at Gallup, a colleague approached her and told her that she would be a great fit for a managerial position. She completed a talent assessment, which confirmed that she would indeed make a great manager.

Throughout Katie’s experience with good and bad managers, she says the good ones push you beyond your comfort zone. They lead you, but allow you to find your own path; they are compassionate and they care about who you are as a person, while helping you maximize your strengths every day.

Katie describes her managing style as more of a coach and a parent than a manager. Parents often value their kids’ success over their own. And she views the success of her team members in the same way, finding joy when someone on her team does great things.

Great managers lead by example. Katie says that when managers don’t give their full effort every day they come in to work, the team will notice and their actions and attitudes will follow suit. 

To hear Katie talk more about the habits of great managers, watch the full video above.

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Katie leads Gallup’s global software division, including Architects, IT Project Managers, Quality Assurance, and End User Support. With a Gallup career that spans nearly 15 years, Katie sets and guides the technology strategic direction, working with $20+ million dollar project budgets.

Katie’s top five strengths: Woo | Achiever | Belief | Relator | Responsibility.

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