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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Great Manager: Jeannie Ruhlman

The Great Manager webcast series compiles information and experiences from years of teaching managers how to be their best. Last week we sat down with Jeannie Ruhlman, Gallup Senior Analyst and Senior Consultant.

Only about one in 10 people have the innate talents to become great managers. These people are naturally proactive in developing people and helping them become better at what they do. Great managers never look at their employees as finished products; they continually work to make them more successful in all aspects of their roles. They work to harvest the best potential in their people, while recognizing individuals who are doing great things. 

One of the most important characteristics of great managers is that they not only expect the best from their people, but they expect the best for their people. Jeannie uses the analogy of a thermometer and a thermostat -- she says managers have to be both. They must be able to sense the level of engagement on their team, but they also need to have the ability to change it.

A problem some managers face when trying to engage their teams is that their own managers don’t focus on engagement -- or worse, they don’t see it as important. Jeannie’s advice is to try to control only what you can control. When managers create a culture of engagement, it helps them become more engaged as well. Just because your own manager doesn’t foster engagement, doesn’t mean you can’t.

To learn more about the habits of great managers, watch the full video above.

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As a Gallup Senior Analyst and Senior Consultant, Jeannie’s primary focus is on the healthcare industry, in which she works with more than 60 hospitals across the U.S. Her clients include service providers as well as organizations that support and sell to the medical profession.

Jeannie’s top five strengths: Arranger | Strategic | Relator | Command | Focus.

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