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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Great Manager: Charlie Colón

The Great Manager webcast series compiles information and experiences from years of teaching managers how to be their best. This week, we talked with Gallup Senior Channel Manager Charlie Colón about how he uses Gallup’s employee engagement tool, the Q12, to help managers and leaders increase the quality and output of their teams.

Charlie notes that great managers are also great developers. Instead of only looking at their next move, great managers anticipate the future needs of their team or organization, and they align their team’s talent with those future needs. By placing talent where it thrives, managers will get the most out of their employees, while allowing them to do what they love.

Charlie provided an example from when he managed a Help Desk team, whose jobs were to answer tech questions from users over the phone. These individuals were incredibly knowledgeable in the technology field, but they didn’t enjoy answering the phones. To solve this problem, Charlie made sure he hired individuals who enjoy talking on the phone, without compromising the expertise of the subject at hand. The Help Desk position requires an individual to be both a great communicator and a technology guru. By hiring people who fit this exact role, it gives them the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

The goal of the Q12 is to not only increase productivity within organizations, but to better the lives of the employees within those organizations. It is inevitable that people will bring work home with them, either emotionally or physically. When individuals are aligned to do what they do best, it carries over to a happier life outside of work as well.

To learn more about the habits of great managers, watch the full video above.

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Charlie helps companies implement Gallup’s employee engagement solution for small-to medium-sized organizations to increase their productivity, customer engagement, quality, retention, safety, and profit. He has worked with clients in the financial services, hospitality, healthcare, and retail sectors.

Charlie’s top five strengths: Maximizer | Belief | Positivity | Arranger | Context

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