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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gallup Called to Coach: Jacque Merritt - S1E15

On Friday, Dec. 20, we hosted Gallup Senior Practice Consultant Jacque Merritt. Jacque has consulted with many of Gallup’s U.S.-based and international clients on team building, succession management, selection, and executive development.

Jacque gave us a glimpse into her strengths-coaching journey and experiences, leaving us with priceless information and insights into the life of a successful strengths coach.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Southeast Asia Edition -- Gallup Called to Coach: Irene Chia

On Sunday, Dec. 15, we spoke with Irene Chia. Irene is the founder of Whitespace Management Consulting, an extension of her 20 years of experience in organizational development and general management.

Irene has a background in economics, but instead of going into the banking industry, she was more interested in how the economy is affected by the way people think and act. This focus inspired her to further pursue the study of human behavior, ultimately leading her to become a strengths coach.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Embrace Your Dark Side: How I Learned to Let Go of Who I Am Not

By Al Winseman, D.Min., Senior Learning and Development Consultant, Gallup

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We hear a lot in the world of strengths about managing, rather than fixing, our areas of lesser or non-talent. That’s good advice. But to truly overcome the barriers our non-talents can present in our lives, we need to do more than manage them: We need to embrace them. Let me explain.

So there I was, in the summer of 2008, in the aisles of Kmart in Charlottesville, Va. Our oldest daughter and I made the 1,200-mile trip from Lincoln, Neb., to Charlottesville where she was to do her internship at the University of Virginia. We drove her 2002 Honda Civic pulling a U-Haul trailer behind -- which is in itself a story worth telling, but for another time. Anyway, back to the aisles of Kmart. I was there picking up some household items for Julie’s apartment when my phone rang, and it was my wife on the line. This wasn’t alarming, because she and our younger daughter were due to get on a plane that morning to fly to Charlottesville and join us for the weekend. 

But what was alarming was her tone of voice, and even more so what she said: “I noticed that we didn’t have any hot water this morning, and when I went down to the basement to check on it, I noticed a pretty big puddle under the hot water heater. I think it’s leaking. What should I do?”

Monday, December 16, 2013

And the Winner Is...the Test

By Stacey Adamson

This past September I went through the Accelerated Coaching Class at the Riverfront Campus in Omaha with the fabulous Jeremy Pietrocini and Curt Liesveld. To anyone considering the class, I strongly encourage you to follow up on that consideration. I am new to the Gallup StrengthsFinder data, but my week in Omaha catapulted me forward on this journey. It was a little like learning a foreign language; the total immersion was effective! One week under Jeremy and Curt's tutelage, reporting to the Riverfront facility, observing the company culture from the inside, and learning from my fellow brilliant students was definitely worth the investment.

My top five themes are as follows: Strategic, Achiever, Learner, Ideation, and Input. Without even meeting me, after reading my top five strengths you already know that I loved this program. It encouraged us to look at people in a different, out-of-the-box way, and Gallup sent me home with ample materials to satisfy my Learner, Ideation, and Input needs. Even with all that Gallup sent me home with, I have been obsessing over Gallup materials, and even purchased books on Audible to listen to as I drive. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

StrengthsExplorer Now Available on Naviance by Hobsons

Gallup is excited to announce that StrengthsExplorer, the strengths assessment for 5-10th graders is now available through the widely used college and career readiness platform, Naviance by Hobsons.  Naviance is in over 6000 schools, reaching 5 million students in over 84 countries.  Access to StrengthsExplorer, the StrengthsExplorer Guidebooks, and helpful career information will be available to students at participating schools as a service provided by Naviance.

Contact to learn how to get StrengthsExplorer in your school.

Register for future webcasts.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gallup Called to Coach Recap: Jayne Jenkins -- S1E14

Last week on Called to Coach, we hosted Jayne Jenkins, founder of Churchill Leadership group. Jayne creates positive results that last, transforming leaders and teams with her real-world experience, coaching certification, and facilitation expertise.

Jayne got her start in the corporate world, developing employees and leaders in major corporations. She discovered Clifton StrengthsFinder about 12 years ago, and was surprised by the positive impact it had on her and her. In her first experience with strengths, she saw that it stuck right away – people were talking about it, and it resonated with people immediately.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I’m a Health Professional, Not an Entrepreneur -- How Can Strengths Help Me?

By Brandon Miller, CEO 34 Strong, Inc. and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Susan had a passion to help people get well and stay well. This passion led her to earn her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). For several years, Susan served with various DCs and helped them build their practices, but she dreamed of having her own practice where she could focus on expectant mothers and children. After years of planning and finally gaining the necessary funds and courage, Susan put the plans in motion to launch her own private practice.

When I met Susan, she had a problem -- one that is not uncommon among healthcare professionals I coach. She said, “I went to school to learn how to help people as a doctor, but I have no idea how to run a business.” There are plenty of organizations that could help her, but running a business is big work. She knew she would have to master sales, networking, hiring and managing employees, and that was just the start. How could Susan thrive in a field that seemed so far away from her skills base? As Susan’s strengths coach, I first worked with her to assess her business model. At the same time, we utilized the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment (CSF) to understand Susan’s core talents and how these talents could be developed to increase her well-being and help develop her business.
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