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Monday, May 13, 2013

For First Time, Gallup Brings Strengths Coaching Certification to Washington, D.C.

Gallup is bringing our strengths-based development coaching courses to Washington, D.C. These courses are meant for anyone interested in becoming a certified strengths-based coach, whether you are learning about strengths-based talent for the first time or if you have been a strengths enthusiast for years.

The upcoming strengths coaching courses taking place at Gallup’s world headquarters in Washington, D.C., are:

Successful Strengths Coaching
This two-day course will give you the knowledge and foundation for becoming a strengths-based coach. It will teach you how to help your clients or employees understand, apply, and integrate Clifton StrengthsFinder results into their lives and roles. This course covers the following topics:
  • Value of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment as an effective instrument for measuring talent
  • Identify and learn the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder themes
  • Understand and appreciate strengths-based development
  • Discover how to use your dominant strengths as an effective coach
  • Help your clients understand their talents and how to use them every day
  • Conduct fundamental strengths-based coaching conversations
  • Network with other coaches and establish a coaching community
Accelerated Strengths Coaching
During this advanced four-and-a-half-day course, you will gain sophisticated insights to help your clients or employees respond to situations, work effectively with others, accomplish their goals, and understand their biases and vulnerabilities. This course covers the following topics:
  • Apply your greatest talents in your role as a coach and integrate your strengths to become a more effective coach
  • Help your clients or employees understand their talents and how to use them to produce results and reach their goals
  • Advise others on how to overcome obstacles, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities
  • Educate your clients or employees about how to use strengths to transform their relationships
  • Help individuals understand their unique strengths within the context of others
  • Provide managers with techniques for using strengths-based development to address specific team-related issues and challenges
  • Teach teams to discover, develop, and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity
Now is the time to learn the strategies and solutions to help you maximize your coaching potential. Registration for each class is limited to just 25 seats, so sign up today!

For more information about each course, including dates and prices, please visit Gallup Strengths Center. For additional questions, please send a request to

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