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Monday, February 4, 2013

Strengths Help You Pick Your Goals

By Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., Gallup Senior Scientist

Your strengths help you pick your goals and give you the energy to get things done. I write about this in my new book Making Hope Happen. Below is an excerpt that describes how I learned to sort through to the goals that mattered most to me. To explore more, please visit my website at

Strengths Help You Pick Your Goals

“Find out what you do well and do more of it” was Don Clifton’s advice to me and many others. As Gallup chairman and the father of strengths psychology, Don believed many people invest too much time and energy in overcoming weaknesses and not enough time doing what they do best. I find that to be true of some of my clients when I talk to them about their goals. They spend much of their effort on goals that require them to work outside their strengths. I try to help these clients -- individuals, schools, and businesses -- figure out what they do best and find ways to do more of it.

Recently, thanks to meetings with my own strengths coach, Cheryl Beamer, and through my study of super hopeful people, I figured out that a very hopeful person almost always outpaces a less hopeful peer because, in Cheryl’s words, they “only accept A+ opportunities.” That means they dedicate themselves to goals they are excited about, that align with their strengths, and that make a big impact on themselves and others. These criteria work when choosing which sports to play as a kid, which roles to take on at work, and which activities to engage in during retirement.

Are you ready to start your own strengths discovery? You can begin by completing the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., a Gallup Senior Scientist, is the world’s leading authority on the psychology of hope and the author of Making Hope Happen.

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JC2 said...

Dr. Lopez,

I enjoyed your post on using your strengths to determine your goals. When I used your link to go to your website I was disappointed that there was not more content on how to use your strengths to determine your goals.

Thank you again.


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